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“Marvel Team-Up” Series


(Click Images to Enlarge) I am currently working on a series of “Marvel Team-Up” images with various heroes. I want these images to feel like they were taken straight out of a film.

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(Click Images to Enlarge) These are fan art wallpapers design for the new game Titanfall. I had a lot of fun creating these pieces and look forward to creating more!

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Concept Poster Design

(Click Images to Enlarge) I’ve always loved comics and I’ve always loved the promotional posters for new movie releases. I am currently working on creating a series of concept poster designs for some of my favorite comic book characters. Base […]

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Dr. Sirius Amory

(Click Images to Enlarge) Last year I did some “viral marketing” of my own for Coheed and Cambria’s new double album “The Afterman”. The response was great. Fans loved it, and I got a lot of positive feedback from it.¬†Check […]

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(Click Images to Enlarge) Over the summer I worked on some concept art for Oh, Sleeper. All of these were just done for fun. I sent them to the band and they loved them. This lead to working on their […]

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